"Surfing all year"

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea and sport during 365 days of the year, joining a group of young people who enjoy and respect the Asturian nature and all the opportunities it offers us.

Surfing is an increasingly popular and well-known sport among people, as it gives you great satisfaction and constant desire to overcome. Therefore, we want to promote this sport among young people and adults in the Llanes area.

The trend of the practice of this sport, is to do it during the summer season, for fear of cold or swell. But this is not the case.  In "Llanes Surf & Aventura" we have special wetsuits to not get cold during the winter and thus enjoy the Cantabrian sea all year round. Our monitors have great experience as surfers and lifeguards on the beaches of Llanes. In this way, we manage to make surfing safe at the same time as fun.


The object of this proposal is that all the people who sign up for classes, learn to surf and defend themselves, we also have kids we prepare for competition, so the classes focus on improvement, correction and training of the sport.




It is an initiative that aims to promote surfing, as well as to train students in various topics such as:

  • Knowledge of the sea, beaches and currents.
  • Swell, wave forecast reading and basic surfing skills.
  • Games aimed at improving physical coordination, reflexes and balance.
  • Surf video sessions of the talked-up workouts in the classroom.
  • Championship analysis.
  • Functional training.
  • Basic first aid and water lifeguarding.


As we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it, we launch several proposals:

Surf lessons vouchers (October to June)

These bonuses are only valid during the indicated seasons (October to June) and you have three months to spend them.

1 class – 25th class

5 classes – 22o the class

7 classes – 20o a class

15 classes – 15th class


Winter equipment:

The condition to be part of the winter team and thus enjoy the discounts on classes and material that this implies are:

– Be signed up all year round, whether you go to classes or not, you will have to pay the monthly amount that comes involved in being enlisted in this team.

-The registration dates to enjoy this bonus end in March, so that whoever wants to be part of the team has to sign up before that date.

– At the beginning of the year the availability of each student for the classes will be said so that we can do several classes a week to be able to organize these classes.

– All the students of the winter team who are signed up throughout the season will have during the summer the possibility to attend the classes for 15 euros for the class.





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