Surf and Paddle Surf School Rates:

Surf lessonssurfing lessons in plains

2-hour surf lessons with qualified monitors and with great experience as lifeguards and surfers.  Choosing the best beach according to the level of the students. It includes all approved material, accident insurance, liability insurance and transport from the premises to the beaches.

1 Surf lesson $25 
5 Surf Lessons 110th
7 Surf Lessons 140o



Paddle Surf Classes (SUP)Paddle surf SUP Llanes

Paddle surf courses in the best places to practice. Depending on the state of the sea and the level of the students we will choose the beach that best suits the conditions. We have beaches and estuaries in which there are no waves and therefore the initiation to this sport is done more quickly. This sport is suitable for all ages. It includes accident and liability insurance, vests, wetsuits (depending on the time of year) and qualified and experienced monitors as lifeguards and in this sport.

Paddle Surf Course (2 hours) $35



Paddle Surf Guided Tour of Cliffs and Caves :PADDLE SURF

The Asturian coast is full of fantastic caves and cliffs that you can visit with the help of your Paddle Surf board.

For this activity it is necessary that the sea and the wind are calm, therefore it is necessary to inform yourself in advance. We have a group of whatsapp where we warn when the conditions are ideal to perform this activity, as well as on social networks.

Paddle surf (SUP) Llanes

To perform this activity it is necessary to have previous experience. For the development of this activity we have a qualified monitor, life jackets and a rescue boat if necessary.

Paddle Surf Guided Tours of Cliffs and Caves (2 hours) $50 per person

Surf and Paddle Surf equipment rental.

SurfBoard Rental

1/2 day 15th
1 day €25

Paddle Surf Board Rental (SUP)

1 hour  15th
2 hours €25
3 hours $30


Wetsuit Rental

1/2 day 8th
1 day 10th


Cork Hire (Bodyboard)

2 hours 6th
1/2 day 10th
1 day 15th


 Bicycle Rental

1 hour 4th
Half a day 10th
Full day 15th


All surf lessons are two hours and include all necessary equipment, surfboard, suit, lycra, invention, and liability and accident insurance.

Every day the monitors of our surf school, will choose the beach that best suits the level of the participants depending on the conditions of the sea and the level of the group. Surf lessons will be taught by qualified and experienced monitors.

The price is included in the Price. and the transfer to the beach.

Don't wait any longer! Call and HAVE FUN!

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  1. Anais Iglesias


    Me gustaría inscribirme en clases de surf para dos personas (principiantes).

    Se podrá empezar hoy?

    1. surfllanes

      Hola, para las reservas con poco tiempo de antelación lo mejor es enviar un whatsapp, un saludo

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