Meet the surf and paddle surf school monitors.

All the monitors of the school, we are a group of local surfers from different beaches of the council of LLanes (Poo, Barro, Torimbia, Ballota, Andrín…). With the surf school we aim to share this and other sports in nature in a safe and respectful way for the environment and the rest of the people who share these hobbies. The involvement for environmental care is a value that we seek to instill in our students in each surf class or any of the other activities we develop.

Meet the surf school monitors:

Llanes Surf & Adventure School Monitor

Mino Villar Principal and monitor of our school. He has been surfing for 13 years in the area of Llanes and every little bit he makes some trips to try new waves.  He loves big waves, orilleras and tube.

Qualification: Academic title of Senior Technician in sports physical activities, the specific course of Technician 1 in surfing, several courses related to first aid and water support, TES1 (technical in health emergencies, as well as great experience as a lifeguard and surfer in the Llanes area. He will be the manager and supervisor of the surf and paddle surf classes of our school, as well as the coach of the Winter team.


Ruben Espiniella: Surf Monitor and Paddle Surf of our school.  He has 6 years of experience in the world of surfing in the area of Gijon Y with great experience as a swimswimr. 

Qualification: Average degree of sports physical activities, higher degree in animation of sports physical activities, first aid courses, water lifeguard and with great experience as surfers in the area.


Juan Santos Monitor surf and Paddle Surf of the school, is in charge of the rental of Paddle Surf and public relations of the company. He has a 9 years of surfing experience, but he is a great connoisseur of the sea, since he has been doing sports in this medium all his life. He has great experience in first aid and water lifeguarding, diving courses and sports coach for children, he also has great experience as a surfer in the area of Llanes. He has also made several trips that have helped him improve his surfing style quickly.




 Thanks to this equipment and the methodology of the surf and Paddle Surf classes, the safety during them is guaranteed, because for this we make small groups, in this way the students are always under the supervision of the monitor, and thus we avoid shocks and accidents.


You can surf on the best beaches of the council according to the level of the students and the conditions of the sea, since our monitors are surfers in the area of LLanes and know all the corners that this wonderful coast hides. They will take you surfing on the best beaches and you will discover things that you would never have imagined.

Llanes Surf & Adventure School Monitor

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